3 Things Most Older Aults Don’t Know About Seasonal Flu Shots

Seasonal Flu Shots
Seasonal Flu Shots

It is flu season once more and, since a girl over 60, you might be asking yourself in the event that you need to find a flu shot this season. Is your flu shot required? Can the vaccine provide me the flu?

Part of my position as a corporate health nurse would be to administer influenza vaccinations each autumn. Now, I will share a few of the most frequent flu shot questions I am asked by elderly adults.

A Little Bit of Background

The most famous pandemic in most of history was that the Spanish influenza of 1918–1919. Believed to have influenced 40 percent of the planet’s inhabitants, the illness led to an estimated 50–100 million deaths.

Since there were no effective remedies at the moment, folks resorted to book treatments like drinking whiskey, smoking cigars, dowsing sufferers in freezing water and ingesting them a mixture containing hydriodic acid (a toxin ).

Happily, we have heard a whole lot regarding the prevention and therapy of flu over the years. Yet, misconceptions regarding the flu and flu shots are still persist.

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control, flu has generated between 40,000 & 710,100 hospitalizations and involving 12,000 & 56,000 deaths yearly from the U.S. as 2010.

The very same studies indicate that around 85 percent of flu-related deaths and as many as 70 percent of associated hospital remains happened in adults over age 65.

As we grow old, our immune systems weaken, resulting in an elevated chance of flu complications, among which will be pneumonia. Some individuals with chronic health conditions like diabetes, asthma and congestive heart failure are at a much greater risk for complications.

I believe that it’s important to not forget, also, that by obtaining a flu shot, we are not just protecting ourselves. In addition, we help protect those around those who can not get the flu shot. Including young infants and people with specific medical problems.

Multi-dose vials of influenza vaccine have a preservative known as thimerosal that includes a tiny quantity of mercury.

That having been said, if you are worried about mercury, you can request a single-dose vial of flu vaccine which does not contain thimerosal. Since these vials are just used after, they do not require a preservative.

Can I Catch the Flu out of the Flu Shot?

People today tell me that they wait to get vaccinated since that’d happened to them previously.

But, I totally understand why people might think this myth for Many reasons:

It takes about two weeks for complete resistance to grow after you get the vaccination. Thus, if you are exposed to someone with active flu throughout that time, it’s still possible to grab the disease from them. That is why we invite people to get vaccinated early in the influenza season.


The flu shot is not 100% successful. Every year, experts produce a new formulation based on the things they think are the 3-4 most frequent flu viruses circulating annually. You may still grab a flu virus that is not contained in this year’s vaccine.


The flu shot does not protect against other disorders like the stomach flu or the frequent cold.

Negative Effects

Some people also experience mild symptoms like fatigue, headache, achiness or even a low-grade fever.

This is only your body’s immune reaction to the vaccine — it does not mean that you caught the flu from the flu shot.

Surely, if not to find a flu shot is a private option. Personally, I feel the benefits far outweigh any risks. You will find me in line to receive a flu shot this season, just like I do each year.


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